With the perfect Bifolding doors, they are certain to bring you the added cosines during the cold winter months and equally during those summer months they are sure to invite your garden indoors, providing you alfresco dining.

So, it’s no surprise that the Beautiful Bifolds are a win product all year round for every season.  So, let’s give you an insight as to how Bifolding Doors are great for all types of Seasons.

Bifolds in the Winter months:

Our SMART Bifolds give you added warmth in the cold weather.  The reason for the added warmth is due to the triple glazed glass. To put your mind at rest our bifolds are weather tested with wind and water tightness. The SMART bifolds we manufacture provide high quality gaskets and weather brushes to aid weather resistance.

So, as you sit indoors and take in the snowy winter views whilst enjoying the warmth of being inside.  Are you one of those people that love watching the rain drops and staying cosy inside?  Well, our Beautiful Bifolding doors will allow you to watch the raindrops or snow whilst staying warm inside.  Not forgetting the amount of light, they bring into your room, so those dark winter months will seem lighter with the floor to ceiling open glass.

Bonfire night can be enjoyed which can be celebrated through the comfort of being sat indoors, whilst watching the display through the toughened glass and at the same time keeping you warm and enjoying the views of the fireworks.  Hosting a bonfire party is ideal when you can showcase your beautiful Bifolds!

Now, let’s talk Christmas with Bifolds –

Celebrating Christmas with SMART Bi folding doors will make a dramatic difference, light up your doors this Christmas, and make your doors stand out with a perfect excuse to show off the doors with your Christmas lights.  So, light up your doors this Christmas, make a dramatic entrance to your home.


Bifolds in the summer months:

No matter what the season of year, SMART bifolds have features that will control the temperature outside and ensure the temperature indoors is kept comfortable.

SMART Bifolding doors are solar controlled double glazed which reflects the radiation and in turn, blocks the heat from entering your home.

Why not leave your bifolds open?   Creating the cool air from the complete open wall advantage, which will ensure you comfort in hot months and let’s hope we get some heat at summer!

Summer BBQs are perfect to host and complemented by folding your bifolding doors open enjoying the sunshine and alfresco dining.

The late light nights will become even lighter with the Bifolds.   They will bring in the light nights at summertime.  They are sure to light up your room whilst providing a tinted sheen to your glass on the outside which aids privacy.

You can also have the best of both worlds at summertime, by having the option to purchase blinds to be inserted inside the bi folding doors.  This will give you the privacy you want or just to keep out the sun shining through.

Overall, the Bi folding doors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to homes during seasons, summer and winter months, which will make you proud to entertain your guests and enjoy your home the smart way.  Live the smart way with SMART profile.