High Performance Casement Windows

With classic styling, the VEKA 70mm fully featured suite not only has looks that will last, but due to the seamless sight-lines and ease of installation, it is the professionals choice

The Casement Window

The perfect blend of classic sculptured window authenticity and the contemporary advantages of uPVC, delivering the ultimate solution when seeking a balance between aesthetics, performance, and value.

With a range of options available, casement windows can be customised from a single sash to multiple sashes, tailored to fit the size of the opening. The versatility extends further with the option to add openers on one side, both sides, the top, or the entire frame, allowing for varying levels of ventilation to suit your preferences.

Veka’s casement windows have undergone independent assessments and obtained accreditation from the British Standards Institute: BS6375 for weather performance and PAS024:2016 for security.

Thanks to our PCE low level gasket, the fabrication and installation process is now faster and more efficient. We offer various choices for bead, glazing, and colour options.

Optional Extra Security

Additionally, our casement windows provide the option to incorporate 'Secure by Design' security features, accredited by the official Police initiative aimed at enhancing building security throughout the UK. 

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The Internally Glazed Window

Combining the authenticity of a traditional sculptured window with the modern performance benefits of PVCU, Rustique offers the ultimate solution for when aesthetics, performance and value are equally demanded. 

With a choice of suited single-leg beading options, ease of on-site installation, and a whole host of other innovative features designed to save time on fabrication and fitting; Rustique is designed to perform. Available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain options from our Variations range.

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High Security

Security is not compromised either; the bevelled suite can be fitted with a variety of hardware and locking options.

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Endless Options

Expanding the choice. Our comprehensive range of products are available in a range of finishes.

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Energy Efficient

All casements can be supplied to achieve the necessary WER (Window Energy Rating) A, B and C products.

Download our latest Casement Window Brochures

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Rustique Casement Window Technical Spec

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Rustique Flush Sash Casement Window Spec

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Halo Rustique Casement Window

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