Mock Horn Windows

The addition of a Mock Horn detail to a casement window will recreate the look of a traditional box sash, but with modern weather performance. Security is not compromised for good looks; the Mock Horn window can be fitted with either Espagnolette or Shootbolt locking options.

The Mock Horn Window

Mock Horn Windows pay homage to the elegance of authentic Georgian and Victorian era sash windows while incorporating modern functionality. 

They exude the classic appearance of traditional sash windows, characterised by their charming horizontal bars and graceful proportions, without sacrificing the convenience of modern-day design.

Despite their traditional appearance, our Mock Horn Windows feature advanced locking mechanisms and robust materials, ensuring the utmost security for your home.

The mock horn casement window is a popular choice for homeowners who desire the timeless elegance of sash windows but also want the convenience and functionality of modern casement windows. It is a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary practicality, adding character and charm to any architectural style. 

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Weather Performance

Independently assessed by the Briish Standards Institute securing BS6375 for weather performance

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Reaching higher. Window Energy Rating – The future of energy efficient windows from the BFRC.

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Our PCE low level gasket allows quicker fabrication and installation. Choice of bead, glazing and colour options are available.

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